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How to Pick a Good Laptop for School Use

One of the essential tools for the modern college student is a laptop. In fact, a student can get by with no other educational tool, pen and paper included, but a trusty laptop. The landscape for education has changed drastically thanks to the availability information in a digital format and the Internet.

However, college students should not just get themselves any laptop that they can get their hands on. It’s extremely easy to lose track of buying a laptop that’s appropriate for school use, especially with so many options available. Most people simply can’t resist adding up their listed specifications just to squeeze in more room for their favorite games, not realizing that they’re losing track of their intended purpose for the device. Here’s a handy guide to what makes a laptop one that is ideal for college use.

  1. The weigh-in

Laptops come in different forms, which mean they also have varying sizes. Extremely heavy gaming laptops are out of the question. It’s only good for classroom use for pranking. And even so, it’s a tiring prank that’s not really that funny and would only make people think the owner wants to show off their expensive slab of gaming laptop. The ideal weight is subjective. But relative to the student who would be using it, obviously. Students with large frames can help themselves with more hefty laptops. Conversely, people who have small frames and overall size should shoot for lighter options.

  1. Size

While size and weight is almost always proportional, there are actually plenty of instances in laptops where this isn’t the case. Some manufacturers are actually forced into a corner when creating larger laptops that they opt to use materials that are extremely lightweight. They end up with laptops that are a few grams lighter than smaller ones. The screen size should be one that can provide comfort as well as sufficient screen real estate for commonly used programs to be used side-by-side. Using a small screen with a word processor and a website open vis-a-vis is going to negatively affect productivity.

  1. Ample juice to get through the day

One of the most important qualities of a college laptop is battery life. College students are always on the move. Whether from one class to the next or from the dorm to the nearest coffee shop, being mobile goes hand-in-hand with college life. This is why laptops for students have to have enough battery life for reasonable use throughout the day without needing to be connected to the wall. On the other hand, you need to know that unlike other specifications for laptops, battery life is still largely subjective. Manufacturers advertise battery life hours without indicating what type of testing they did to squeeze out that much. This is why it’s important to check a reputable review site and read their college laptop reviews. These reviews help a lot in providing an educated advice on some of the best options that are currently available in the market.