Guide To Buying A Wireless Dog Fence

It’s a good idea for dog owners to read a guide to buying a wireless dog fence if they’ve been considering the advantages associated with these high-tech new fences as also mentioned online at While these wireless dog fences might sound like a good idea, plenty of dog owners aren’t going to know where to begin. High-tech wireless dog fence systems aren’t the same as the simple wooden fences that people might have used in the past. The selection criteria is more specific.


This might be one of the most important parts of getting the right wireless dog fence. People who don’t have enough land for the fences that have a very broad coverage might run into problems. It’s just as important to make sure that the fence is going to provide enough coverage.

There are wireless dog fences that will cover fractions of an acre. Other wireless dog fences will span several acres. People will vary in terms of their needs, and they should try to find wireless dog fences that are big enough but not too big.


The receiver battery is an important part of a system like this. Ideally, the battery should be rechargeable. Having to replace these batteries on a regular basis can get frustrating most of the time. Many of these wireless dog fence systems are made with rechargeable batteries anyway, and it makes sense to opt for one of these.

Dog Size

People with very small dogs or very large dogs might have a harder time finding the wireless dog fences that they need. They should make sure that their dogs meet the minimum weight requirements, which will usually be at least five pounds.

A big dog might not be able to fit the collar neck size well enough, but some of those collars are adjustable enough that it won’t matter too much. The collar neck sizes are usually available in a range. People with medium to medium-large dogs won’t have a problem.

Almost all wireless dog fence systems are designed for dogs that are six months of age or older. People might want to wait until their dogs have finished growing altogether before purchasing wireless dog fence systems.

Resistance to the Elements

Since wireless dog fence systems are present outdoors, people need to make sure that they have some resistance to the elements. In many cases, this means collars that are waterproof or water-resistant. There are plenty of wireless dog fence systems that will have features like this, making things easier for dog owners.

The elements can also affect the signal reliability. Looking at the strength of the signal reliability can make a difference for the people who are trying to make sure that their wireless dog fence systems work well.


It’s a good idea for people to confirm that the wireless dog fence systems have warranties of some kind. However, they don’t necessarily need to get extended warranties or anything of that sort. Just getting some sort of warranty can make a difference for a lot of people, since even the best wireless dog fence systems might run into problems.

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