Reviews Of The Best Steak Knives Of 2017

We love firing up the grill and preparing a good steak. Anyone who has ever enjoyed a delicious steak understands the importance of having the right steak knife. There is nothing more disappointing than eating perfectly cooked and delicious stake using a regular table knife. If you are anything like us, you always go for quality. If you are planning to spend your money, you want to make sure you get it right. A good steak knife should cut through beef like butter. You may ignore the need of getting a good set of knife, but it complements your meal. A low-quality blade will leave your steak looking like some mangled mess. There are numerous steak knives available in the market today, which one are the best?

Equinox Steak Knives

These four piece knives have fantastic quality. They are constructed using high carbon stainless steel. The best part? The knives are at an affordable price – $36. Their handles are made of dark wood with well placed and polished rivets. The knives have an excellent balance and feel on the hands using their full tang blades. The metal blades cut through the length of the handle. These stylish knives come in a sleek black casing.

Barenthal Laguiole Steak knives

This knife set features six pieces of stainless steel knifes at $59. The blades are incredibly sharp and thin. Anyone who appreciates a good steak will enjoy using these knives due to their craftsmanship. Beware of the knockoffs floating around that cheat you from the original product. When you get to use this knife, you will definitely notice a difference the first time you use them.

Wusthof Steak Knife

Wusthof brings to you a high quality eight pack $79 knife set having a high carbon cutting blade. They come in a stylish wooden box that you can display on your counter. Due to the size of these knives, they do not take up a ton of space. Once you buy them, you are risk-free as Wusthof gives you a life time warranty. Another point to note is that it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a cutlery set in wooden box.

Dalstrong Gladiator Steak knives

Someone that understands the use of steak knives is bound to notice this four piece Knife set. These knives feature the best design, feel on the hand and build design at $99 . They comprise a high carbon steel having serrations at the correct angles to give clean cuts. The special edge does not necessarily need any sharpening even while cutting. While on your counter, it displays a stylish and sharp appearance.

J.A International Steak Knives

This 8-piece budget friendly knife set does an excellent job in cutting up your steak at only $38.50. They are highly durable and comprise of stainless steel. The set has a well-serrated edge with perfect spacing in between each serration. This knife set remains sharp for a long period before you decide to sharpen it. In the case you buy it, a life time warranty covers you. You can easily wash them in a dish washer.

From this list, we hope that you can get the best set that will give you great balance, style, and functionality. Happy slicing!


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