Home Remedies For Taking Care Of Your Feet

Regardless of how properly dressed, you might be if you have cracked and dirty feet, they are going to decrease your beauty.

Massaging your feet

Dry and also cracked feet react quite effectively to olive oil. However, before making use of olive oil, first cleanse the feet with soap water solution, wash them using a pumice stone and after that dry them well. A massage utilizing olive oil every day will help in bringing back the normal softness of the skin.Utilization of coconut oil on the cracked heels can also be one of the treatment options for cracked heels.

Lesser known, yet effective home remedies

Some more easy foot care home remedies follow. For cracked heels, an application of ripe bananas on the cracked heels works well. You will need to utilize the pulp of the ripe banana around the cracked heels for around 10 to fifteen minutes. After that, clean it with lukewarm water.

Blend petroleum jelly along with lemon juice. Apply this mixture wherever you discover dryness. This combination is quickly soaked up by the dry locations and the cracks. You may utilize this combination overnight and after that wear socks on your feet.

Another widely utilized household cure for dry feet and cracked heels is glycerin along with rose water. You may dip the feet in water and lemon juice. Make use of this remedy about once a week.

For an additional solution, all you need is paraffin wax along with coconut oil. Liquefy the wax and blend it with coconut oil and use the mixture around the cracks before going to sleep. In the morning, clean it off applying warm water.

Soaking your feet makes them feel loved

Another useful home solution for cracked feet is to soak your feet in warm water. Now take advantage of a foot scrub and thoroughly clean the feet from dead skin and dirt particles present in the cracked heels. Following this wash, your feet then pat them dry.

Take some warm water in a bathtub and add shampoo into it. Soak the feet in this water for approximately 15 to 30 minutes making certain you don’t step out after that.

Get some lukewarm water and put some cooking soda in it. Now soak the feet in this solution for fifteen to twenty minutes. If needed, wash your feet with a pumice stone. Try this remedy for 4 to 5 days to see the results.Just like soda bicarbonate, Epsom salts can also be utilized to soak your feet using a solution of Epsom salts in water. Exfoliation of lifeless skin is quite useful in healing dry and cracked feet. Daily exfoliation assists in ensuring the skin on the topmost layer remain healthy.

Washing your feet at night helps in stopping cracked feet because the dust particles are removed due to the washing.Moisturize the feet by making use of a thick layer of hydrating cream or lotion ahead of going to sleep.Get yourself a pedicure a minimum of once per month. It will make your feet feel very nice.Most of the cracked feet home solutions are hassle-free. If you would like your feet to look good, you’ll have to take some care and make certain not to neglect them.

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