Guide To Buying A Window Fan For Your House

Air conditioning is a modern comfort that you find in most homes, but it can cost quite a bit and does not provide your home with the freshest air. Window fans can help blow cool fresh air around your rooms at a much cheaper price than air conditioning. Window fans are being used more often lately in order for people to reduce utility costs. High electricity bills are driving homeowners to find more affordable ways of staying cool.

How window fans fit into your lifestyle

If you live in a hot climate, you can use your window fan along with your air conditioner. If the mornings or evenings are pleasant, you can run your fans and then use your air conditioner during the afternoon when the temperatures are the hottest. You can save quite a bit of money using these methods, plus you can get some fresh air into your home.

You might also consider a window exhaust fan. These products are the best in kitchens because they can remove cooking smells from particularly strong dishes you have prepared. You can switch the fan on to pump out the strong smells and provide fresh air. These fans help faster than the simple stove exhaust fan.

Which window fans to buy

You can find fans such as air king window fans at many online retailers as well as local home improvement stores. They come in many different sizes and you should be able to find something that fits nicely into your windows.

If you have a long window, you might need a twin window fan. These fans even have a thermostat included so they can shut themselves off when your comfort level is reached. These models are great for large rooms and are even quiet.

The prices of fans for your home can vary depending on what sizes you need and what features you want. Most fans sell for under $50 and you can quickly make that amount up in the savings from your utility bills.

What to know before installing a window fan

Measure your windows carefully and then start your fan search. Check to make sure the units you choose will be easy to set up and remove and you can begin to enjoy the nice cool breeze in your home shortly. When you are using a window fan, you should be aware that they don’t allow you to control the indoor temperature as closely as an air conditioner. Also, window fans shouldn’t be used if the air outside is uncomfortably hot, humid and/or polluted. You should not use window fans without window screens because insects and animals may enter your home (small insects such as gnats may enter your home even with the use of a screen). You may not want to use them in high crime or noisy areas as well.

To make sure you get the most out of using a window fan to cool your home, you should not leave the fan on all day. This shortens the fan’s life, especially if it is left on during a rainstorm. You also should not operate a fan that isn’t working correctly. If the blades aren’t moving or if there is a burning smell, it could be a fire hazard. Another problem could be if the fan isn’t lubricated enough. This causes the blades to rotate slowly, not at all and/or make a lot of noise. There could also be a potentially dangerous electrical fault, such as a wire being loose. You should make sure that all of the parts of your fans are in fine working order for your safety and comfort.

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