Sommeliers Guide to Wine Aerators

What is aerator to be exact? Also, why do most wine lovers chooses to aerate their wine with several technique and devices before drinking them? These are the most questions often asked by inquisitive people who wanted to learn more about the elegance in wine drinking.

So, what is aerator?

The aerator is a device that is used to aerate the wine. In other words, it is used to let the wine expose the air. The purpose of the air exposure to the wine is the oxidation and evaporation to take place. Oxidation and evaporation are needed to eliminate unpleasant taste and smell of wine.

Remember that wines are usually suffocated inside the bottle. So, by allowing them to “breathe” or aerating them, enhances the taste of the wine to a more flavorful and aromatic side of it.

So, how should it be done?

  • Know your wine

Always remember that most of the wine that needs to be aerated are the red wines. Although, there are some white wines that need to be aerated, but there are only a few of them.

  • Know the age of your wine

The age of the wine is one of the most important factors when it comes to the right timing of aerating the wine. Younger wines (below ten years) are usually tannic; which means the wine can taste bitter. So, right aeration allows you to have a flavorful taste of wine, even if it is not that old.

Old wines on the other hand (ten years old and above) are already considered refined wines. Therefore, the tannins and other chemicals have solidified and made slept as sediments on the bottle of the aged wine. So, most of these do not need too much aeration, because if you do, the right taste of the wine will start to fade.

Also, when it comes to age, always remember that the younger the wine, the more tannic it is; thus, it needs enough aeration. Similarly to aged wine, the older the wine is, the less aeration it needs.

  • Choose the right aerator

Aerator comes in two forms, one handheld and the other one can be stuck right into the mouth of the wine bottle. If you are about to use the aerator that needs to be fitted into the mouth of the wine, you need to push the device firmly to avoid dislodging of the device. Now, if you are about to use a handheld aerator, you need to place the wine glass on a flat surface and then place the aerator at the top of the glass. Lastly, pour the wine through the device. Also, it is recommended to check the reviews of the top wine aerators for better and flavorful wine, just by using the right aerator for you.

  • Lastly, let the wine sit for a few more moments before drinking

Depending on the type and age of the wine you chose, you need to let the wine sit for a few moments or swirl the aerated wine inside your glass for the purpose of letting some more oxygen sink into the wine, for a better tasting of wine.



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