Airline Travel Tips: the Things You Must Do When Traveling With Your Laptop


If there are certain rules that halt you to bring a sharp object, flammable things, liquor, and much more, before boarding the plane, there are also certain rules when flying with your laptop.

Flying together with your laptop or netbook is no longer an unusual situation for most travelers, the only problem is during stressful security checks. So, to dismiss you from those stressful moments, the following are some helpful tips to prevent any cause of aggravation when traveling with your laptop:

  • Do you need a laptop?

Before rushing down to the airport, you should ask yourself, “am I going to carry my laptop or am I going to pack it away?” Well, in most cases, laptops are being hand carried. However, if you are thinking that it will only cause you some trouble in some way then think again. Storing the laptop in an unsecured baggage can cause damage to it. Also, most baggage handlers do not expect any electronic devices that are currently stored inside your bag; therefore, it is best to carry it with you.

On the other note, carrying laptop must also mean you need to have the most efficient and secured laptop bag. Well, if you do not have laptop bags yet, then try buying it with Kaukko Vintage Drawstring Backpack where you will find several vintage drawstring laptop bags with guaranteed secured and has efficient cushion to keep your laptop safe from accidents; just get all the details and you will never go wrong.

  • Allow visual inspection

No matter what you say, it is a fact that during a security check, you simply do not own your laptop. You could say this is a hard rule, but it happens in several countries with strict security or crossing a border. In other words, a border guard can confiscate your laptop anytime, even if you do not know any cause. Keep it low, you should hand it over without asking, never argue, nor try to negotiate. Anyway, there are no records of laptop confiscation during security check; so, allow them what they call “hand checking”.

  • Take your laptop out of your bag and place them in a separate bin during a security check.

When you are about to go through a security check, you must remove your laptop out of your bag and put it in inside in its own bin. Never put anything else inside the bin or else you will get scolded.

Anyhow, if you have the right laptop bag, you do not need to remove it but it should go through the x-ray equipment. Do not worry, x-ray equipment cannot harm the laptop’s hard drive; however, metal detector does. So, during inspection ask politely to do hand check instead.

  • Lastly, if you are using packet WiFi for your laptop, make sure to turn it off.

Although it is a common procedure to turn off any gadgets or electronics that will cause interference, there is nothing wrong reminding yourself this simple step. You do not want to ruin happy flying experience because on one mistake, do you?



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