Cooking Tips for Healthy Baby Foods

It is often tempting to do the most convenient thing and just buy ready-made baby food but there are actually a lot of ways to make healthy and homemade baby food without half the effort you think it will take. Not only that, there are many ways to store the food so that you can make food in bulk and save yourself the trouble of constantly preparing baby food. Here are some tips for healthy baby foods.

Baking and Roasting

Baking and roasting are healthful ways to make homemade baby food. These methods allow you to retain most nutrients and flavor. Of course, you have to make sure that the food is mild enough and cooked through to allow for easy digestion by fragile digestive systems and cut up into appropriately sized pieces to prevent choking. You can bake sweet potato, carrots, squash, parsnips, squash, cauliflower, broccoli and parsnips to make wonderful baby food. Another advantage you get from baking and roasting is you can quantities everything at once then freeze and store. How’s that for saving time and labor?

Cooking Meats for Homemade Baby Food

When it is time to introduce meat in the food that babies take mothers are often tempted to buy readymade meat purees because they are afraid they won’t make the meat soft enough or digestible enough. Besides, each baby needs such a small amount per feeding it almost doesn’t seem worth the effort to cook the meat yourself.

Using a Crockpot or a Slow Cooker

One of the best ways to prepare meats for baby food is to use a crockpot or a slow cooker, which is why you need to buy the best slow cooker brand. You can, for example, throw together some chicken breasts, carrots and whatever vegetables you want to give your baby. Add 4 cups of water then put the seasonings you want to use and put the setting on low so you can have everything cooked and soft enough in 8 hours. That ought to see you through for the better part of the week especially if you give a different vegetable per meal. After 8 hours of cooking, you can even remove more than half of the cooked food than continue cooking the rest for another half hour with an additional seasoning to make it taste totally different.


Steaming is an excellent way to cook baby food because this method allows you to make sure that there is minimal loss of nutrients and water soluble vitamins. One of the best cooking tips for healthy baby food you will get is this: Use any excess liquid from steaming as the base for soups or moisture for pureeing. This won’t really amount to much because the vegetables are cooked with steam rather than soaked in water at just enough temperature to get the job done. This is not the case with store bought baby foods which have to be cooked at extremely high temperatures to ensure long and safe shelf life.


Boiling and Stewing


Boiling and stewing are not as nutrient friendly as streaming and baking because there is much nutrient loss in foods cooked through these two methods. To lessen this, use only as much water as you need and use the water for soup instead of throwing it away.


If you follow these cooking tips for healthy baby foods, you will be sure you are feeding your child good, nutritious food without having to slave over a stove all the time.



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