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How To Clean Hardwood Floors

The first thing to keep in mind when cleaning your hardwood floors, is that the wood is not in most cases what you are usually cleaning. There are numerous wood types out there used in hardwood flooring. Whether you have oak floors, mesquite floors, maple floors, or any other of the various types of wood floors, what you will most likely be cleaning is the finish. The most common finishes are polyurethane, wax, and oil surfaced. It gets more technical than that about which you can read at However, because polyurethane, for instance can be either water based, oil modified, and moisture cured. If you are scared that you may not know what type of finish you have, you can always call a flooring specialist, who can tell you exactly what you are working with.

The Water Drop Test

Water drops are the best test for checking for what type of finish you have. Drop a water drop or two in the wood. If it soaks in, the finish has worn away. If the water drops bead up, then the finish is intact.
Another good test with water droplets, is to let the water drops sit for about 15 minutes. Wipe away the water, and if you see white spots, then you have a wax finish.

In older houses built before 1970, shellac may have been used. To find out if you have a shellac finish, take a coin and scratch the surface in a place where you won’t notice. If the finish flakes, then you have a shellac finish.

Tips on How to Clean Hardwood Floors

What Not to Do

1. Be Cautious About Using Random Cleaners – Never use cleaners or waxes used for vinyl or tile flooring on your wood floors. The residue adheres to the surface, creating an adverse effect when areas wear off quickly, leaving your floor looking dull.

2. Do NOT Water Mop – Standing water will discolor your floors, damage the wood, or leave a dull finish, again creating the opposite of what you want.

3. Do Not Over Wax – Over waxing your hardwood floors can build up over time and will dull in areas with heavier traffic.

4. Use Beater Bar – If you vacuum your floors, never use a vacuum with a brush roll or beater bar unless you can turn it off. The best way to go is an attachment designed for hardwood floors.

5. Never Use Wax on Polyurethane Finish – If you have a newer floor that was recently laid, you most likely have a polyurethane finish. Wax can damage polyurethane floors.

6. Never Damp Mop a Wax Finish – Again, water can discolor, damage, or dull hardwood floors that have a wax finish applied. Always sweep, and for spills use a damp cloth, with a dry one right behind it, as to not leave water behind, preserving the shine of your floors.

7. Never Use Vinegar or Ammonia on Polyurethane – The acid in these products will eat through the finish eventually dulling your floors.

What to Do

1. Prepare the Surface – The first thing you want to do is sweep, vacuum, or dust mop the floor, to remove any dust and debris.

2. Damp Mop – Using a cap full of mild cleanser, like Murphy’s Oil Soap, or a ph neutral soap (dish soap) to a bucket of water.

3. Wet Your Mop and Wring Out Completely – Again, standing water is your enemy, and can hurt your floors.

4. Go with the Grain – Always mop in the direction of the grain for a better, more even shine.

5. Keep Water Clean – Frequently refreshing your cleaning mix when it gets dirty will prevent merely rubbing in dirt, spreading dirt to new areas, or damaging the finish with tiny particles of dirt or sand while you are working.

6. Buffing Method – If you aren’t satisfied after damp mopping, you can use a spray bottle and a rag to hand buff the floors, also going with the grain, and this may produce better results.

More Tips for Hardwood Floor Care

1. Don’t Wear Shoes – Shoes, and especially cleats, boots, high heels, etc. can damage your floors over time, and not wearing shoes will prolong wear and tear and cut down on cleaning as well.

2. Vacuum at Least Once a Week – The more dust and dirt is on your hardwood floors, the more damage it can do to your floors by walking on it.

3. Use a Broom with Synthetic Fiber Ends – The less abrasive your broom, the better.

4. Buff or Mop Twice a Year – On average buffing or waxing occasionally will help you maintain your floors shine.

Hardwood Floor Myths

There is some controversy on what is best to clean with, and with all the blogs around telling you to use vinegar, you may or may not feel inclined to try it. The fact is, the vinegar and water method has been proven to be less effective than regular soap and water method, and can wear away the finish over time, dulling the floors shine with prolonged use.

Final Thoughts

In the end, properly caring for your hardwood floors is a big part of keeping them in good condition. The more you sweep, clean, and take measures to prevent the wear on your floors the better. There are other, specialized wood cleaners, such as Dr. Bonner’s, Eco Mist Colloid W, or Method, and if you choose to use one of them, that is fine, just follow the directions on the label. It will be your choice in the end how to care for your floors, but the tips in this article are from professional floor experts. If your floors will not shine, it is possible that the finish is wearing off, and you may want to look into getting your floors professionally refinished. With the proper preventative care, like regular sweeping or vacuuming habits, not wearing shoes, and cleaning spills properly, the maintenance required to keep up hardwood floors will seem relatively minor, and with some practice, you can keep you beautiful hardwood floor’s luster all year long!

The 3 Best Espresso Machines For Any Budget

1. Delonghi EC155.

The smallest espresso machine in size among the first ranked three machines. Delonghi EC155 is characterized of single boiler and water tank with a capacity of one liter. It is a small machine but of great package. The machine also features a community which is dedicated to achieve the best from it. The price of the machine is worth what it offers. Delonghi machine panarello-style steam which favors beginners is designed in such a way to forth for the user. Additionally, it has pressurized porta filters which ensure that every time the espresso is extracted well. The machine is designed for making delicious cappuccinos without sweating.

However, the machine has some shortcomings which include; since the machine features only one boiler, one has to temperature surf immediately after steaming for brewing. You should also have a reservoir full always for ensuring that the boiler is not burned out. Generally, Delonghi EC155 is a nice machine with affordable price.

2. Delonghi Dedica.

For those who prefer getting their espresso through a button touch, this makes the best option for you. Delonghi Dedica comes with two built in programmable buttons for the espresso and also a port filter that is pressurized. The machine brews espresso which has no fuss. The machine’s steam wand which is in paranello style incorporates automatically air then makes cappuccino’s perfect fluffy foam. Dedica comes either with double or single basket.

Delonghi Dedica needs much maintenance and patience. Just like any other machine which uses a shared boiler, the steaming and brewing has to be done one after the other. However, if you cut down on the time to wait for the two processes, use the technique named temperature surfing. Delonghi Dedica as well protects its thermoblock through pausing immediately after steaming for some cooling just before the brewing process starts. This helps keep the machine well maintained in shape.

However, some of its drawbacks include; the machine features small tray for dripping which gets full so first. Therefore, if you intend to use temperature surfing, you need a separate sink or cup close for purging.

3. Breville Pro Duo-Temp.

The machine has exemplary advanced features. Duo Pro is made of both pressurized and non-pressurized baskets which are convenient for home makers of espresso. The machine has very simple interface but its packs pre-infusion and auto purge. Auto purge in this case implies to the situation whereby instead of using temperature surf technique, the hot water is purged such that the thermoblock cools to the required temperature for brewing which saves on time.

However, despite the fact that the machine features some new features, it misses programmable features. It is outfitted using traditional wand steam which as per ones skills level may either be a con or a pro. Duo Pro machine’s pressure of the thermoblock takes some time to develop and therefore it may get the home espresso maker happy to practice on using the machine or frustrated from the time consumed as it needs more time and also skills for frothing.

While the above machines are wallet friendly one of the Best At Home Espresso Machine Under $500, their features are superb. Delonghi EC155 makes the best from its single boiler feature followed by Delonghi Dedica which is very impressive from its programmable buttons. Duo Pro is the best espresso machine for growth. The machine is well equipped with necessary resources for letting the job well done.

Guide To Buying A Wireless Dog Fence

It’s a good idea for dog owners to read a guide to buying a wireless dog fence if they’ve been considering the advantages associated with these high-tech new fences as also mentioned online at While these wireless dog fences might sound like a good idea, plenty of dog owners aren’t going to know where to begin. High-tech wireless dog fence systems aren’t the same as the simple wooden fences that people might have used in the past. The selection criteria is more specific.


This might be one of the most important parts of getting the right wireless dog fence. People who don’t have enough land for the fences that have a very broad coverage might run into problems. It’s just as important to make sure that the fence is going to provide enough coverage.

There are wireless dog fences that will cover fractions of an acre. Other wireless dog fences will span several acres. People will vary in terms of their needs, and they should try to find wireless dog fences that are big enough but not too big.


The receiver battery is an important part of a system like this. Ideally, the battery should be rechargeable. Having to replace these batteries on a regular basis can get frustrating most of the time. Many of these wireless dog fence systems are made with rechargeable batteries anyway, and it makes sense to opt for one of these.

Dog Size

People with very small dogs or very large dogs might have a harder time finding the wireless dog fences that they need. They should make sure that their dogs meet the minimum weight requirements, which will usually be at least five pounds.

A big dog might not be able to fit the collar neck size well enough, but some of those collars are adjustable enough that it won’t matter too much. The collar neck sizes are usually available in a range. People with medium to medium-large dogs won’t have a problem.

Almost all wireless dog fence systems are designed for dogs that are six months of age or older. People might want to wait until their dogs have finished growing altogether before purchasing wireless dog fence systems.

Resistance to the Elements

Since wireless dog fence systems are present outdoors, people need to make sure that they have some resistance to the elements. In many cases, this means collars that are waterproof or water-resistant. There are plenty of wireless dog fence systems that will have features like this, making things easier for dog owners.

The elements can also affect the signal reliability. Looking at the strength of the signal reliability can make a difference for the people who are trying to make sure that their wireless dog fence systems work well.


It’s a good idea for people to confirm that the wireless dog fence systems have warranties of some kind. However, they don’t necessarily need to get extended warranties or anything of that sort. Just getting some sort of warranty can make a difference for a lot of people, since even the best wireless dog fence systems might run into problems.

Reviewing The Silicon Power Hard Drive

With regards to finding the best external hard drive reviews, there are a lot of spots to begin the hunt. There are many reviews out there, covering for all intents and purposes each model of external hard drive available, and if you check sufficiently out possibilities are you will discover a lot of data.

Outstanding amongst other spots to begin the scan for the best external hard drive reviews is likewise a standout amongst the most unique. The many computer magazines on the newspaper kiosk, including Computer Shopper, Computer World and others, are extraordinary wellsprings of reviews on for all intents and purposes each sort of computer gear, including hard drives, DVD drives, printers and substantially more. Indeed, even in this universe of the web, these paper productions are extraordinary wellsprings of data.

Obviously that does not imply that the web is not essential, and in truth there are many extraordinary external hard drive reviews on the web too. These reviews of external hard drives and other hardware run the extent, from sincere beliefs posted on individual sites and web journals, to professionally composed silicon power hard drive review arranged particularly for online sites.

Silicon Power Hard Drive

The Silicon Power Hard Drive is considerably littler than I expected, it’s generally the size of a little book and weighs around the same. A standout amongst other highlights I found with this hard drive is the commotion of it, it makes by none and I always verify whether its connected to. the quiet commotion levels is an extraordinary preferred standpoint of having this hard drive as I have tried some previously that are to a great degree uproarious which turns into a major disturbance when you need to live with the thing.

It’s features

The power LED is situated at the back which is another magnificent component of this external drive. If you check out you risks are that there are blazing lights any place you look, with regards to TVs or computers these lights remain on notwithstanding when you’re not utilizing the gadget, this winds up plainly irritating when you are endeavoring to accomplish something different and not utilize your computer. The LED on the back of the external drive implies that we always don’t have a red squinting light in our face.

The drive interfaces with your computer through USB 2.0, which gives you a steady high exchange speed. I frequently exchange vast documents to my hard drive and get an exchange speed in the vicinity of 37MBps which is to a great degree quick for USB 2.0.

The gadget is plugand play which implies that you simply associate the hard drive up to your computer and it’s prepared to go, there is no requirement for any product establishment which I discovered extremely valuable.

In conclusion

The Silicon Power Hard Drive is a phenomenal external hard drive and since composing this review I have acquired the 2TB model which has enabled me to store much a greater amount of my pictures. If you’re searching for a hard circle drive which is dependable, moderate and simple to utilize while having huge amounts of space for capacity I very prescribe the The Silicon Power Hard Drive

Reviews Of The Best Steak Knives Of 2017

We love firing up the grill and preparing a good steak. Anyone who has ever enjoyed a delicious steak understands the importance of having the right steak knife. There is nothing more disappointing than eating perfectly cooked and delicious stake using a regular table knife. If you are anything like us, you always go for quality. If you are planning to spend your money, you want to make sure you get it right. A good steak knife should cut through beef like butter. You may ignore the need of getting a good set of knife, but it complements your meal. A low-quality blade will leave your steak looking like some mangled mess. There are numerous steak knives available in the market today, which one are the best?

Equinox Steak Knives

These four piece knives have fantastic quality. They are constructed using high carbon stainless steel. The best part? The knives are at an affordable price – $36. Their handles are made of dark wood with well placed and polished rivets. The knives have an excellent balance and feel on the hands using their full tang blades. The metal blades cut through the length of the handle. These stylish knives come in a sleek black casing.

Barenthal Laguiole Steak knives

This knife set features six pieces of stainless steel knifes at $59. The blades are incredibly sharp and thin. Anyone who appreciates a good steak will enjoy using these knives due to their craftsmanship. Beware of the knockoffs floating around that cheat you from the original product. When you get to use this knife, you will definitely notice a difference the first time you use them.

Wusthof Steak Knife

Wusthof brings to you a high quality eight pack $79 knife set having a high carbon cutting blade. They come in a stylish wooden box that you can display on your counter. Due to the size of these knives, they do not take up a ton of space. Once you buy them, you are risk-free as Wusthof gives you a life time warranty. Another point to note is that it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a cutlery set in wooden box.

Dalstrong Gladiator Steak knives

Someone that understands the use of steak knives is bound to notice this four piece Knife set. These knives feature the best design, feel on the hand and build design at $99 . They comprise a high carbon steel having serrations at the correct angles to give clean cuts. The special edge does not necessarily need any sharpening even while cutting. While on your counter, it displays a stylish and sharp appearance.

J.A International Steak Knives

This 8-piece budget friendly knife set does an excellent job in cutting up your steak at only $38.50. They are highly durable and comprise of stainless steel. The set has a well-serrated edge with perfect spacing in between each serration. This knife set remains sharp for a long period before you decide to sharpen it. In the case you buy it, a life time warranty covers you. You can easily wash them in a dish washer.

From this list, we hope that you can get the best set that will give you great balance, style, and functionality. Happy slicing!


Home Remedies For Taking Care Of Your Feet

Regardless of how properly dressed, you might be if you have cracked and dirty feet, they are going to decrease your beauty.

Massaging your feet

Dry and also cracked feet react quite effectively to olive oil. However, before making use of olive oil, first cleanse the feet with soap water solution, wash them using a pumice stone and after that dry them well. A massage utilizing olive oil every day will help in bringing back the normal softness of the skin.Utilization of coconut oil on the cracked heels can also be one of the treatment options for cracked heels.

Lesser known, yet effective home remedies

Some more easy foot care home remedies follow. For cracked heels, an application of ripe bananas on the cracked heels works well. You will need to utilize the pulp of the ripe banana around the cracked heels for around 10 to fifteen minutes. After that, clean it with lukewarm water.

Blend petroleum jelly along with lemon juice. Apply this mixture wherever you discover dryness. This combination is quickly soaked up by the dry locations and the cracks. You may utilize this combination overnight and after that wear socks on your feet.

Another widely utilized household cure for dry feet and cracked heels is glycerin along with rose water. You may dip the feet in water and lemon juice. Make use of this remedy about once a week.

For an additional solution, all you need is paraffin wax along with coconut oil. Liquefy the wax and blend it with coconut oil and use the mixture around the cracks before going to sleep. In the morning, clean it off applying warm water.

Soaking your feet makes them feel loved

Another useful home solution for cracked feet is to soak your feet in warm water. Now take advantage of a foot scrub and thoroughly clean the feet from dead skin and dirt particles present in the cracked heels. Following this wash, your feet then pat them dry.

Take some warm water in a bathtub and add shampoo into it. Soak the feet in this water for approximately 15 to 30 minutes making certain you don’t step out after that.

Get some lukewarm water and put some cooking soda in it. Now soak the feet in this solution for fifteen to twenty minutes. If needed, wash your feet with a pumice stone. Try this remedy for 4 to 5 days to see the results.Just like soda bicarbonate, Epsom salts can also be utilized to soak your feet using a solution of Epsom salts in water. Exfoliation of lifeless skin is quite useful in healing dry and cracked feet. Daily exfoliation assists in ensuring the skin on the topmost layer remain healthy.

Washing your feet at night helps in stopping cracked feet because the dust particles are removed due to the washing.Moisturize the feet by making use of a thick layer of hydrating cream or lotion ahead of going to sleep.Get yourself a pedicure a minimum of once per month. It will make your feet feel very nice.Most of the cracked feet home solutions are hassle-free. If you would like your feet to look good, you’ll have to take some care and make certain not to neglect them.

Keep Your Yard Clean With A Great Leaf Blower

When choosing a leaf blower, you have to take into account the size of your yard, and if you have a lot of trees to deal with. You have no reason to buy some machine if you do not have any trees in your garden. Larger yards and gardens are going to need a very powerful blower. The most powerful of them all is the gas powered one. It works on gas, and it is very noisy. If your neighbors do not complain about the noise, then you can buy one without any hesitation. However, you have to keep in mind that there are states where they are banned due to their noisiness.

Which leaf blower to choose

For smaller yards, you can either choose the cordless leaf blower or the electric one such as the Echo Blower. Both models are great, but unfortunately, each has its disadvantages. The cordless model is excellent for smaller areas because it does not last longer than 1 hour. You have to charge the batteries if you want to work with it more. The electric leaf blower depends on a nearby power source, so if you have a larger area to clean, you ought to think about purchasing another type.

When should you use this tool? Of course, you are not going to wake up in the morning, at 6 AM and start collecting leaves. All leaf blowers make some noise, and you would not want to disturb your neighbors. Do not leave the blower unattended and do not use it at night.

How to use a leaf blower

It can be used in basically any type of area, and this is what makes it popular. You can use it to clean rain gutters, to clean snow from the driveway. Be careful with the wind direction, and avoid “cleaning” dust. You will only make things worse by directing it in the dust.

There is a special protection gear that you have to use when handling the machine. You might think that there is no harm to it, but you have to be extremely careful when you use it. Avoid climbing ladders or on higher and unstable surfaces with the machine. Do not let children near it, and whenever you use it avoid directing it at other people or animals. These are very important rules, which you should follow if you do not want to hurt anyone.


With all of these details, you are certainly going to purchase a great leaf blower, and you also have the main tips on how to use it. You are going to see that it can be quite great fun to use it, especially during autumn, when you have to collect leaves.

Once you know the different types of blowers available, it shouldn’t be too difficult to buy the best one for your situation. A rule many gardeners follow is to buy the most powerful one that they can afford. It is the power that will make the job easier even though maneuverability is outstanding.There are various companies that manufacture leaf blowers and vacuums with shredding functions, and you can test them in stores, but the best way to compare prices is to look online. If you have tested one you like in a store, you may be able to find the same leaf blower for a lower price online.

Reviews Of The Best Car Jumpers This Year

Every car owner needs a jumper set while out on the road. Look for popular brands that have sold well in the past. That can keep owners in the know regarding the best car jumpers on the year. They might make smart purchases and hit the road with the kit. Be among the first to buy reputable kits from worthwhile manufacturers. Learn more about operating the jumper kit as designed. That will prepare drivers in event of an emergency as well. Shop around for the best product now on the market. Each year will introduce great new car jumpers for purchase. Apart from the easy to use jump n carry jnc660 jumper, the rest blow are formidable peers.

Spirit A8 Car Jump Starter:

The Spirit brand name is well respected among veteran travelers. Be ready to use the Spirit A8 Car Jump Starter at a moment’s notice. The kit has everything that people need to get their car going again. Read the instructions to follow some of the details included. That will be the perfect primer for car drivers out on the road. People can trust Spirit to back their products with a warranty. Drivers can get their money back if the unit breaks down. Be wary of high temperatures for Spirit products used in warm climates.

Bolt Power D28:

A high powered jumper kit may be exactly what consumers need. Trust the Bolt Power D28 for the vehicle’s important needs. Drivers have made good use out of the model in the past. That can get them back out on the road in no time flat. People have come to trust the brand name for any role in the home. Bolt Power D28 is also rated for high temperatures when needed. Use the device as needed when the vehicle needs a jump. The controls are relatively simple and people can improve the performance of their vehicle on the road. Look for the handy USB drive for charging devices with the model.

Antigravity Batteries XP-10:

The model is often rated as the leading model for the year. It outperforms many other jumper brands on the market. Consumers are waiting to see which model tops the sales figures. Antigravity Batteries XP-10 also features multiple different USB charging ports. It is possible to power a laptop using the unique new model design. The developers did not forget the original purpose for the Antigravity Batteries XP-10. It can jump start a car in no time flat. Owners can trust the performance of the model as it was originally designed.

PowerAll PBJS12000R:

The Power All brand name is well respected among veteran car drivers. But the model lags behind the competition for a number of reasons. There are two USB ports, but no laptop connectivity options. That has restricted the options people have for charging their devices. Power All has kept up with the competition year after year. But critics doubt that they are making headway technologically though. Their newest models seem backwards to tech savvy individuals. That makes people reject the price tag and think otherwise about the PowerAll PBJS12000R itself.

Guide To Buying A Window Fan For Your House

Air conditioning is a modern comfort that you find in most homes, but it can cost quite a bit and does not provide your home with the freshest air. Window fans can help blow cool fresh air around your rooms at a much cheaper price than air conditioning. Window fans are being used more often lately in order for people to reduce utility costs. High electricity bills are driving homeowners to find more affordable ways of staying cool.

How window fans fit into your lifestyle

If you live in a hot climate, you can use your window fan along with your air conditioner. If the mornings or evenings are pleasant, you can run your fans and then use your air conditioner during the afternoon when the temperatures are the hottest. You can save quite a bit of money using these methods, plus you can get some fresh air into your home.

You might also consider a window exhaust fan. These products are the best in kitchens because they can remove cooking smells from particularly strong dishes you have prepared. You can switch the fan on to pump out the strong smells and provide fresh air. These fans help faster than the simple stove exhaust fan.

Which window fans to buy

You can find fans such as air king window fans at many online retailers as well as local home improvement stores. They come in many different sizes and you should be able to find something that fits nicely into your windows.

If you have a long window, you might need a twin window fan. These fans even have a thermostat included so they can shut themselves off when your comfort level is reached. These models are great for large rooms and are even quiet.

The prices of fans for your home can vary depending on what sizes you need and what features you want. Most fans sell for under $50 and you can quickly make that amount up in the savings from your utility bills.

What to know before installing a window fan

Measure your windows carefully and then start your fan search. Check to make sure the units you choose will be easy to set up and remove and you can begin to enjoy the nice cool breeze in your home shortly. When you are using a window fan, you should be aware that they don’t allow you to control the indoor temperature as closely as an air conditioner. Also, window fans shouldn’t be used if the air outside is uncomfortably hot, humid and/or polluted. You should not use window fans without window screens because insects and animals may enter your home (small insects such as gnats may enter your home even with the use of a screen). You may not want to use them in high crime or noisy areas as well.

To make sure you get the most out of using a window fan to cool your home, you should not leave the fan on all day. This shortens the fan’s life, especially if it is left on during a rainstorm. You also should not operate a fan that isn’t working correctly. If the blades aren’t moving or if there is a burning smell, it could be a fire hazard. Another problem could be if the fan isn’t lubricated enough. This causes the blades to rotate slowly, not at all and/or make a lot of noise. There could also be a potentially dangerous electrical fault, such as a wire being loose. You should make sure that all of the parts of your fans are in fine working order for your safety and comfort.

Which Are The Best Bedroom Locks For Securing Your Home

Home security, especially bedroom security, is one of the best gifts you can give to your family at any given time. Keeping safe your family members, your property, your pets and even your valuables in the house should be a priority. A bedroom is a place that needs privacy and safety always. Having a secure bedroom will give you a piece of mind knowing that you are safe and your privacy will not be interfered with. This can be fully achieved by securing your bedroom with door locks that are sophisticated and able to withstand any force against it. Choosing the right door lock is important as this will define the safety of your house and your belongings.

There are a variety of bedroom locks that have been recommended by security advisors because they are designed to bring unmatched security in your door. The best bedroom locks include:

Knob Locks

Knob locks are the best bedroom locks to enhance safety and privacy at the bedroom. They come in two categories which are push button locks and the ones with button locks on the handle. They are advantageous in that they are easy to fix and maintain.


They are mostly attached to outside doors but can also work best on bedroom doors. This lock consists of a thick bar which slides into the wall, barring the door and firmly closing it. it is the most soughed-after bedroom locks due to its strength and tamper proof nature. It best suits bedrooms with valuables like gold ornaments and where safe deposit boxes are found.

Chain Bedroom Door Lock

This is a kind of door lock that consists of a simple chain connected to the wall next to the door. A latch is then attached to the door which is used to fasten the chain in order to lock the door. This lock does not require a special installation and it will allow the door to open slightly before catching and stopping entry.

Jimmy Proof Deadbolt Bedroom Door Locks

These locks are similar to deadbolt door locks but are a surface mount type which is mounted like a chain. It is stronger than some locks because it safely attaches the door to the wall making any breaking into to be hard. This type of lock does not require any specialized modifications to the door and therefore are easy to install.

Keyless Bedroom Door Locks

This lock is best for advanced home security because it is highly designed to prevent any unauthorized entry. The lock is fitted with anti-theft rolling code feature which allows you to key in the programmed code for the door to open. Most models have alarms which go on if an incorrect code is entered.

Mortise Bedroom Door Locks

They are popularly used in most bedroom doors in residential places. The lock consists of a flat, rectangular box that is fitted to a door recess. It comes with two faceplates with knobs and keyholes. It has a latch which is operational from both sides except when the outside knob is locked.